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We partner with your district by integrating into your school culture
while maintaining clinical integrity...

  • Working together with current school initiatives

  • Supporting and upholding school procedures

  • Cooperative efforts with your district to improve and maintain school-family relationships

  • Increase positive school climate

  • Increase academic success

  • Decrease staff stress by increasing staff supports

  • Increase knowledge to manage student needs

  • Less time missed from school or work

  • Established relationship with staff to assist in times of crisis or post-crisis interventions

Financial Investment

Multiple funding sources will help your school mitigate the direct cost.

Cost varies depending on school services selected.

District Funded Programs            Supplemental Grant Funding            Community Donations


Schedule an appointment to discuss program
cost and coverage options.

“This program has been the best financial investment our district has made.”

 Windber Area School District

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